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If you want to fly to Bratislava, you can choose between the city’s own international airport “Letisko M. R. Štefánika” (BTS) and Schwechat airport (VIE) in Vienna, which is about 50 km from Bratislava and connected by regular shuttle buses. Bratislava’s airport is the biggest in Slovakia and one of the fastest expanding in Europe. Regular flights link it to other Slovak cities and with many major European destinations.

  • Bratislava International Airport (BTS) – Letisko M. R. Štefánika
    Airport Bratislava is easily accessible by car. It takes about 15 from the airport to the city centre. The airport is located in the eastern part of Bratislava, with a direct link to the D1 motorway by-pass. The airport is connected with downtown by regular public transport (Bus Lines 61, N61 and 96). You can fly to Bratislava directly from many European cities.
  • Vienna Schwechat Airport (VIE)
    Vienna Schwechat Airport is only 50 km from the centre of Bratislava, highway ride from there takes up to 45 minutes. A taxi by a Slovak provider from the airport to Bratislava is about 50 €. Regular shuttle buses running to the Bratislava centre, Bus station, or Bratislava airport (BTS) are provided by Blaguss, Slovak Lines, Student Agency and by Flixbus. The return ticket is usually less than 20 €.

You can get to Slovakia by an international train from all its neighbouring countries.

Search for train connection at You can get international train tickets at RailEurope.

Passenger transportation between Slovakia and other European countries is provided by several transport companies or independent transport providers.

Very frequent regular lines are especially connecting capitals of neighbouring states (Prague, Vienna), line buses also run to Budapest, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, London, Brussels, Paris, Nice, Zurich, Rotterdam etc. Bus services between Slovakia and many European cities are provided by Eurolines (Slovak Lines) and Student Agency.

Travelling and reservation seat tickets need to be bought in advance either on-line, or at the bus station (in bigger cities), in some travelling agencies, eventually it is advised to book them by phone with transport providers. Some international lines are quite often sold out for a next few days, so you should allow yourself some time to book them in advance.

Slovakia is easily accessible by car due to its location in the Central Europe and advanced road network. Entrance gate to Slovakia from the west is Bratislava, which is directly accessible by highways from the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.

Approximate distance and travel time from selected European cities to Bratislava
Vienna 70 km 1 hour
Budapest 200 km 2 hours 15 minutes
Prague 340 km 3 hours 30 minutes
Zagreb 420 km 4 hours 50 minutes
Krakow 420 km 5 hours 30 minutes
Munich 490 km 5 hours 30 minutes
Belgrade 570 km 6 hours 10 minutes
Berlin 690 km 7 hours 30 minutes
Warsaw 675 km 7 hours 30 minutes
Rome 1150 km 12 hours
Brussels 1200 km 12 hours
Paris 1330 km 13 hours
Kiev 1330 km 18 hours
London 1560 km 16 hours

Main road connections you might be interested in
  • From the Czech Republic to Bratislava: D2 motorway Prague – Brno – Bratislava
  • From Austria to Bratislava: A6 – D4 motorway Vienna – Bratislava
  • From Hungary to Bratislava: E65 Budapest – Győr – Bratislava (D2 motorway)
  • From Ukraine: E50 Užgorod – Michalovce
  • From Poland to the west of Slovakia: S69 Bielsko Biała – Żywiec – Čadca
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